November 22, 2015

Lady in the Spotlight

Saturday, November 21, 2015

We want to put our smallest but oldest rascal, Lady, in the spotlight.

Yes, our dogs are everything to us.  And we think that each one of them should take their turn in the spotlight. Our Lady is the third dog we have adopted from Shin. I still think it's a wonderful organization, which does everything to keep dogs and cats from killing stations. 

We regularly look at the Shin website, but I'm also a little addicted to the Dutch blog, Wet Noses News. I find this really wonderful to see how satisfied people are with their new family member. 

And then in May this year, we saw on the site this little Spaniel. She had a sad face and mournful eyes. As though she was asking 'What have I done to get so severe a punishment?"

Her name was Luna. 

We read her story and saw that for years she was a member of a family, and that suddenly she had to disappear, just like you'd throw away a pair of stockings with holes in. And then we also read that the owner had actually dumped her in the killing station. So there was our poor little rascal, waiting until it was her turn to leave this world.

Thank God for the people of Shin, who took her under their wing in the shelter. And thus saved her from death. My friend and I looked at each other, because in our hearts we were already lost. But we were not going to decide overnight. We had to discuss it, mainly because we do a lot of travelling with the mobile home. We needed to be sure there was enough space and capacity for three dogs with histories. We must be honest, we decided quickly because there is always room for one more. 

We then contacted the responsibe person at Shin and discovered that Luna had already been reserved for the Netherlands and, to make matters worse we couldn't adopt her unless this adopter dropeed out.  We found this so painful, on the one hand, but then we were obviously happy for her, that she had found her golden basket. If something changed, we would be informed. Quite obviously we couldn't count on this.  

A few days later, we received an e-mail. If  we were still interested in Luna, she would be reserved for us. Of course we were sure! We made all the arrangements and the next week about May 13, she came in Zaventem with a few other dogs and cats. And we were on time at the airport to pick up our girl.

This was the first meeting with Luna, now Lady, as we already had a Luna. Our eyes met and I knew that it would be fine.

The introduction of our Tycha and our Luna took place on neutral ground and that went super well. Tycha accepted her right away and didn't seem surprised and Luna stood her ground. After a few days
 she was completely potty trained and went outside along with the others.

She doesn't leave my side, she follows me everywhere. She'll suddenly appear behind me.
And when I think she's asleep, and I go to leave her little eyes open, to make me understand. Hey where are you going ???

She is very curious

She absolutely loves to get her feet wet. 

She really loves to roll about with her ball.

As for getting into mischief, she's first in line along with our Luna. Then we tuck the padding back in, sew it up and get back to our work!

If our girl is tired, she wants to be covered up, like Luna and Tycha.

Now there are three of them. All together. They are not angels, they are simply wonderful. We can't imaging life without them.

Are they are pampered ????????


As you see, they are all so dear to us.

Love Meintje

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