December 05, 2015

You only live once ...

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Hello dear people,

Have you guys recognised me yet? I was calledd Yarno, but now I'm called YOLO, which suits me much better.

I wanted to let you know that everything is going super well with me (as you can see in my beautiful small photos).

I have been my masters' greatest treasure for eight months now. I like to run around in my (large!) garden and doze in my warm basket (and sometimes in bed, lol).

Also, I really, really like garbage. I can have great fun with it and strew it all around the living room. Well, they shouldn't really leave things like that where I can get at them because - hey, I am and always will be a Boxer boy ;-)

My happiness is overflowing and that is why I want to thank you all with lots of paw shakes.



Ignore the serious face! I'm soo happy. Who wouldn't be with a loving home and a big pink bone!!!

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