December 22, 2015

My Christmas Wish for each dear dog in the Refugio and in Foster

Dear Doggies,

I wish I were very rich. I wish I were Santa Claus. I wish I could win the Lottery here in England. Why? Because my biggest wish for each one of you is to see you in your happy forever home. In your golden basket. No more cold. No more hunger. No more fear and uncertainty. And certainly no more pain. Ever. Never ever.

What's more I wish I could go round the world and collect all your brothers and sisters and do the same for them. And make sure that no one could ever again be cruel to a dog, a cat, a donkey, bear, goat or any other animal or bird or fish. Never again.

But I'm not rich and I'm not Santa Claus and I haven't won the Lottery (yet). So I'm sending you my love and all my wishes so that as many of you as possible can be home this Christmas. And if not at Christmas then soon. Very soon. 

Being in a shelter is not ideal, but I know that each one of you is so grateful for being rescued. Fabienne and Dirk and everyone at ACE love you so much and are working hard to find you your forever home.  In the meantime you are safe and well fed and much loved  and get lots of cuddles. And I know you are appreciate it all. Those of you in foster are on the way. Not quite a forever home, not yet, but warm and loving.

Dear doggies. Each one of you is a precious, precious soul. You deserve your own family, you deserve to love and be loved for ever and ever. You deserve happiness. I wish you all this and more.

Happy Christmas. 

With all my love and many, many hugs and cuddles,


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