December 05, 2015

Our Christmas Dogs are lucky dogs - thanks to you!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Dear People,

Thank you so much for your heartwarming reaction. All our fifty dogs were bought free by you - within four hours! Such a fabulous Christmas present. Thank you on behalf of the fifty lucky ones.

Yes, thanks to you all each dog child was given a name and a chance of a new life.

We would like to thank everyone once again for the many expressions of support and compassion for these poor wretches, whose days were numbered.

Several of these dogs will have large medical expenses including:

BILLIE - needs surgery on his leg after chain he was tetherd with caused years of irrevocable damage.
FELIZ - can only hold himself in a sitting position; walking can be difficult. We fear that he was born that way ...
TROIKA - right after we had rescued him we noted that he had a serious infection and pneumonia ...
FLINN - has a brutal cut ear, which gave him enormous pains. We are helping him with this.
DIVA - has a broken leg with multiple fractures and needs surgery ...

Some of the dogs are very weak from having sat too long in the killing station, without food. 

Unfortunately some of the puppies are fighting for their lives.

The other dogs are adjusting well to their improved conditions. They are so grateful and happy to be rescued, their friendship and gratitude knows no bounds. 

Thank you 


To anyone who has donated but has yet to let us know the doggie's name, could you get in touch please.

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