December 05, 2015

Our Nessy - a story of love and perseverance!

Nessy has come a long way - below you can see the before and after photographs from when she first came to us and the progress of her treatment for leishmania.

When Nessy first came to us, we decided not to put her on the site. She had open wounds, infected feet, a very sick skin and bleeding ears. She was in an indescribably poor state and so we felt we wanted to treat her and continue the treatment for a while ...

She was spotted on the street and she was there for months but no-one gave her a chance. It was clear that she had leishmania and no one wanted to spend a penny to give her a chance.

When one of our volunteers was willing to give her that chance, with our help, we started treating our Nessy. It was a long and difficult process, but we all persevered and gradually, little by little, this sick, abandoned Boxer got better, thanks to love and perseverance.

Leishmanias is is a  terrible disease if not properly treated and monitored; but there is often, very often, a strong possibility that the dog can be saved. Nessy is yet another example of this fact.

For many people, Leishmania is a dreaded disease. For us, who have to cope with it every day, it is nothing more than a disease and, provided that proper treatment and support is available, there is no reason not to give the dog a chance.

I myself have had 20 years of dealing with many affected dogs.  I myself have always kept dogs with Leishmania and they have rarely died of it. Of course you  need to catch it on time and treat it carefully. But the fact that an animal has it should definitely not be a reason to abandon the animals to their fate.

Our Nessy has been saved and the gratitude of this lovable character is more than I can describe.

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