December 13, 2015


Esthra - a quiet, ordinary dog who deserves much happiness

When I took Esthra into foster,  I knew it would be quite difficult to find a place for her. She is older and perhaps not the most beautiful dog in the world.  She has no tail. She's just a poor little dog who's not had it so good. She is a Bodeguero, dogs that are simply not popular in Spain. They are considered more or less worthless. Esthra had been thrown into the killing station - old and with a broken paw she stood no chance. But she was rescued and her paw was fixed.

Despite everything I still wanted to give her a chance. I hope that someone will find her worthwhile. She is quiet, nice and submissive. She loves to eat and go for walks. She walks well off the lead. She doesn't run away and keeps in sight. She has no hunting  instinct. She sits quietly in the car. She enjoys the safe life in the Netherlands. She lives with two cats and two dogs. An older dog is so woderful, so grateful. Who will give her a chance? She certainly deserves it. Take a look at her page.

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