December 13, 2015

Our foster parents do such wonderful work - just look at Sunny Boy.


What a differene a foster home can make. Just look at Sunny  Boy (formerly Don Sr)!!!
A foster home is often a springboard to a dog's future happiness ... being taken in by a loving family  is so important for the the progress of some of our shelter dogs. For instance: -

A family dog ​​who ends up in the shelter finds life very difficult after being used to living in a home.
A dog that is scared and unused to kindness will benefit from individual attention.
A dog that is under the weather can recover better in a foster home.
A dog that just touches your heart because of their terrible experiences.
A dog that still has to learn everything can start to learn what it's like to live in a family.

In short, our host families are so important, so critical for a dog's all-important steps towards its forever home.  Thank you to all foster mums and dads and to all other members of the family. A foster family gives them their chance to discover what it's like to live in a family and sets them on teh road to even greater happiness.  

Look at one of our hopeless little ones ... this is our Don Sr, now Sunny boy ... Happy boy !!!!
Watch the lovely video ... click here.

Learning to play.

With my new foster siblings on the way for a lovely walk on the beach.

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