December 06, 2015

Amber needs a loving home

She was used to guard a building site. And now the work was finished. She was no longer needed - she had to leave that minute. Forget the fact that she had recently given birth to 8 puppies, barely a month before. No, said the man at our gate. He didn't want to keep her nor her puppies - he turned and swaggered away, full of arrogance without an ounce of compassion.

What could we do? We had not option. At the very least he'd brought them to us and not the killing station. Though if we had refused, there is no doubt at all that they would have been his next stop. Amber was very skinny, very obedient but confused and bewildered. We promised her we would do the very best for her.

Amber's story is not unique - we see this sort of thing every single day. But Amber herself is unique, as are each of her puppies. All little stars in the making and mama herself the biggest star. Now this beautiful dog needs a loving forever home. She's a Mechelse Herder - in English a Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Dog - the breed is noted for its watchful, protective, alert and friendly character. Mama Amber has all these and much more. Take a look at her page, which also has a video of Amber with her pups, such a friendly soul.

Such a beautiful dog.

Eight sweet puppies.

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