December 06, 2015

Darwin will love you forever

Darwin was found in a car junkyard, tethered by a heavy iron chain that had grown into his neck. He had nothing to either eat nor drink. People who had a workshop in the area became alarmed because they could no longer hear Darwin crying sadly. They asked Ana and Jesus, who have the protectora in Granada, to help.

Nobody dared to intervene because the people who ran the junkyard were Romanian gypsies. They were aggressive and strange people, but that didnt stop Ana and Jesus.  They went down to see what was going on. When they came to the place, they could not believe their eyes ... the poor dog was just skin and bones, skinny and underfed and his bleeding neck looked painful and awful.

After a meeting with the owners they got permission to take him and that's how poor Darwin finally ended up in good hands. Gradually he recovered, and regained jest for life. His neck has healed, you can no longer see his bones, his ball is his favorite toy and his tail is wagging again. 

Fortunately his dreadful experience has left him with no traumas. He loves people and now he just wants a good boss to be on his side and look after him. Someone who will make him shine with happiness, because that is something that our Darwin would love to do. Who will help this handsome whopper start a new life, because that's something his brave good dog really deserves.  

I love my ball.

I enjoy life, despite my terrible start.

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