December 06, 2015

Precious Liris - her prayer this Christmas

One of our advertisers, Eugenie, has written a beautiful text written devoted to Liris.
She, and we, would love to see that Liris too can celebrate Christmas in her golden basket.
Eugenie thank you for the beautiful text !!

Once she had a home
And people to call her very own
Poor Liris did nothing wrong…
She just grew up
And those heartless people, they wanted a pup 

They where not ashamed , their faces did not turned red or blue,
When they told her
You must make place
There’s no more room here for you !

Liri could not scream,  she could not shout
But her beautiful eyes pleaded…  please, please don’t kick me out !
I love you , you are all a know…
What will happen to me and where am I to go ?

Now she has nothing left to call her own,
because a cold cage at the shelter is her home.
And at night she looks up at the stars, she looks up at the moon
Wishing, wishing, that her for everhome, may come pretty soon.

Wishing, wishing for almost three years now...
Wondering why,... why isn’t  there anybody who will pick me ?
While I see lots of my friends come en go
They went to loving homes, you see
Why not Me, what’s wrong with me ?

And I blow my words to Liris in the wind
Hoping they will reach her as loud as if I was near
When I tell her, there  is nothing wrong with you, my dear !
Maybe  you’re no longer puppy cute, still you are a precious soul,
and that’s  the truth 
Some day, I promise, someone will love all of you !

If somewhere, someone is  looking for a calm and loyal companion
Then he or she will love to see
How sweet you are with people, and how crazy about children you can be.
That you are social with other dogs too
And that special person will love all of you !

So maybe if we like and share,
Show her that we all, do care…
This very special person might find her !
And then she will be loved and never, ever be replaced again!   

Our precious Liris ! Click to read her details and her story. Will you be the one to make her wish come true? 

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