December 13, 2015

Dorientje - proof that ALL dogs matter

Love at first sight.

In November 2014, my dear french bulldog fell asleep, after 12 years with us and it was soon clear that a new buddy was needed in the house. On Facebook there was a post from ACE about three Scotch Collie puppies that were had a bad combination of genes in their breeding. They were all pure white and as a result they had not developed eyes. They had been dumped in a field. 

Despite the problems it was love at first sight and so we started the process, with application and home visit.  I knew I could give her what she needed as I'm home all day so she'd have no lack of attention. After approval we then had to wait for a date to know when she would fly to us. It finally happened. She would arrive on November 27th at 23:00 at Eindhoven Airport. (For us a long drive). 

We were kindly received by the ACE volunteer, Vivian, and we all waited for the plane. When the volunteers walked in with the dogs in their cages I felt deeply moved. I thought there were seven dogs in all. Dorientje was behind another dog in the crate and when Vivian called her name, she turned her head around (that's why I decided not to change her name). She was too afraid to put on a harness and so she was put directly into my arms right there. 

I have dogs for 30 years but at the moment I held Dorientje I was in a bubble, something that I had never experienced before. She began to wag her tail and my face was showered with kisses. It was like our souls were directly connected. In the first few months she was afraid everywhere and of everything. It has not always been easy, but after one year she's developed into a lively intelligent gentle dog. I call her and she responds, she knows a lot of words. When there are scary sounds I tell her that 'it's the neighbours' and then she relaxes because she knows that the noise is not in the garden or in the house.  

Dorientje plays with anything that makes a noise, empty bottles, shredding paper, a cat toy with a bell inside etc. If her toys roll away she can work out where they are and finds them easily. She also follows us around and is always happy. We have cats and she can hear when they walk by and she can also walk straight without bumping into things. Even when I walk through the room and she is in a playful mood she will twine her legs around me or keep in step (cleaning the floor is therefore a task that can take quite a long time.) Her nose is so good that she inevitably finds anything edible and once nearly grabbed my chicken. 

She is a dog that radiates light and joy and is not discouraged in any way by her disability. We forget sometimes that she is blind. Her eye muscles are working and we can see from her expressions what's going on in her head. She also makes "jokes" by pretending that can do something and that makes us laugh. We have a set bedtime routine so that she knows when it's night. We have many rituals that take care of her security.

Thank you A.C.E. for this wonderful animal !!!!!

Dorientje has a wonderful sense of smell!

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