March 06, 2016

There are such good people out there ...

With all the suffering endured by our innocent dogs and cats, when we see the almost unbelievable cruelty and callousness of those that have neglected and harmed them, it's heartening to know there are still so many good people out there. We are so grateful to all those amazing souls - our adopters, our volunteers and those who are willing to give even the oldest, most damaged dogs and cats a chance to know love and happiness.

Here are just a few of our special ones who have now been reserved and whom we trust will soon fly away to wonderful, loving forever homes.

One Eye 

Another victim of the killing station. A small dog, callously thrown in among large and smaller dogs, as is their horrible custom. Being so tiny she was attacked and was too fragile to defend herself. She was so badly hurt she lost her eye. Somehow, by some miracle she survived. Read more about this sweet little dog in Fabienne's Diary.


She thought she'd be going home with her beloved boss. She thought it was just a visit. But no. Her boss didn't want her any more and brought her along, together with her basket, her jacket, her toys and her bowl. How can anyone be so callous. So unfeeling. 

Truka is a brave soul. She was frightened and bewildered in the Refugio, she'd never known anything like it - the noise the stress and the eerie silence when night falls. But she bore it all patiently. And now, thank goodness, this gentle soul is reserved. Read more in Fabienne's Diary.


They wanted a beautiful little dog. But dogs need care, and walks and love. That became too much trouble so they took her back to the breeder - but the breeder didn't want her, she had others. Luckily she came to us and her new life can begin, we won't ever let any harm to come to her. Now, we are so happy to say that she has been reserved and soon she'll have the loving always home she deserves. 

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