March 26, 2016

Raspi: 'home' was a tiny terrace!

Raspi - his sad eyes reflect his sad life

He was bought as a beautiful, sweet cuddly ball of wool, but he began to grow. Once or twice he peed indoors, he wanted to play, his baby teeth were replaced by proper teeth and he began to chew the the beautiful furniture! The handmade furniture now had teeth marks. Something had to be done, so the young puppy was put outside to live on a tiny terrace.

We were told this story as if this behaviour was completely normal. 'You understand, don't you' she continued 'that we've had enough now. That unkept dog, look how bad he looks.' As if the dog was capable of arranging to get himself to a groomer.  'Look how dirty and filthy he's made the house. We don't want him any more, dirty animal! While she was saying all this Raspi was beside her, looking sadly out of his lovely eyes.

I took the dog from her and really wanted to tell her that I thought she was a terrible person and that I hate hypocrites like her. But I didn't.  I used my time and energy on Raspi - much more worthwhile.
Raspi is so sweet, but so obviously fearful of being beaten. His eyes still look so sad but we will make a different. Tomorrow he'll be happy and healthy again.

Poor neglected chap - he can't help the state he's in

We will make you happy again, sweet boy.

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