March 03, 2016

Our Nelson

with us since 01/31/2016


Barely a month has passed and it seems as if Nelson has been with us much longer, yet and it was only a month ago.

The adjustment took just over a week, in fact even shorter.

He immediately felt so at home with us and our two other dogs.

He did need to adjust more to the sounds outside and the characters of our dogs but otherwise he is now very familiar with all the sounds of our normal lives.

Lately when we had a few hours of sun we made a few attempts to get him used to the noises outside.

It's hard not to hug Nelson all the time because he's so cute, mischievous, super friendly and so affectionate.

He sleeps in the bed and I don't need to explain how cosy that is. 

Today we are going to go to get a few shirts that he can wear under his raincoat.

Herewith a few very recent photos of us together enjoying the early "spring" desert experience ... you have to admit that we are really enjoying each other ... !!!

Dear greetings,

VĂ©ronique Spiltoir

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