March 26, 2016

Sien - free, happy and no longer alone

Sien in his 'prison' - no way out

Sien on arrival at the Refugio

Do you remember our Sien. We gave him this name because it is the Dutch word for Orange. Because this poor little dog had been abandoned in a walled garden, completely enclosed with no way out. And no food or drink. The resourceful fellow kept himself alive for two whole years - by eating the oranges that fell from the tree in the garden. How he survived is a mystery, as is the determination he had to stay alive.

The good news is that this sweet boy has now been adopted and as you will see from the little video he has the freedom to run, which he is obviously enjoying. His adopter, Eric, says ...

We put Sien on a long lead, with a piece of wood at the end. Every time he comes back to Sabine he gets a reward, in the hope that eventually he will come back without the need for a reward to encourage him. 

Click here for the video

Regards Erwin

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