March 16, 2016

Kera: Man's inhumanity has no limits

Kera - badly abused, kicked like a piece of dirt and then abandoned in a field.

This poor little Bodeguero was found in a field, in a pitiful state. His whole body was covered in wounds and his poor mouth had been tied up tightly. We weren't able to save one of his eyes.

He was left to die. That was the vet's opinion and ours too. We've seen this horrible abuse too often.

Poor Kera, poor little soul managed to get on his feet and he stumbled about crying for help.

There are no words to desccribe how we feel.  It's disgusting and leaves us angry and impotent. How could anyone do this? How could they?

Kera is with us now, he's in safe hands and he's loved and cared for but there are days ... It goes very deep, how must this poor soul have felt. There are no words.

His poor muzzle with heal, but we couldn't save his eye.

Thrown away in a field ...

... his body covered in wounds and his poor muzzle was tighly bound, it must have hurt badly.

His wounds will heal - we hope his soul will recover too. We will do all we can. Love can do a lot.

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