March 03, 2016

More pussycats need your help ....

We have some new pussycats on our site, and sadly there are also some who have been with us a little while and are still waiting for forever homes. They have all had horrible experiences and deserve so much more. Some will have been dumped, like Sharin, others will have been wandering in the streets alone, starving, desperate. The only full story I have is poor Sharin's but the others will all have suffered in various ways.

Sharin is a very nice, chubby honey boy. His owners found him and rescued him. They sometimes go back to their own country and they don't want to take him with them. It's so easy to get rid of a dog or a cat. Too easy. Poor little thing, he's another victim. After being found on the street he thought he finally had a home. Unfortunately it turned out differently and once again he is homeless and we are urgently looking for a new home for him.

Sharin is a very sweet cuddly character who is extremey happy with very little. He's two and a half and badly needs a good home.

Eclipse is a little darling, with unusual markings and the sweetest nature - who could resist her big, beautiful eyes and dear little face.

Marga is stunning to look at. A beautifully marked Tabby with what looks like a bit if Bengal in the mix. Another delighful honey, badly needing a forever home. She's still a baby at 9 months old.

Romano is a ginger puss with superbly lovely eyes. Playful and engaging, all he wants is a boss of his own and a family to love.

Many of the lovely cats on our cats website are already reserved and we hope they will soon be on their way to a happy future. Others have not been so lucky, though they deserve happiness just as much. Please have a look at their pages - it's hard to understand why they are still waiting. Please help Noire, Cassis, Coco, Captain, Cala, Fire and Crambell.

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