March 13, 2016

Chispas - a black beauty

Chispas. She was a long time in the killing station. What saved her was her exuberant and captivating character, which caught the attention of one of the workers. So she was protected. But she couldn't stay there for ever, sooner or later her hours would be numbered.

So we took her with us. This gorgeous girl has the most wonderful, soulful eyes. She is so loving, so sociable but she has one drawback - or that's how the world often sees it. She's black. That's all, she's a beautiful black girl but often people don't see beyond the colour, God knows why.

Chispas is waiting for someone who doesn't care about her colour, who sees a beautiful, loyal companion who will love them forever. Is that you?

Chispas ... click for more information about this honey.

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