January 13, 2018


Congratulations on your new family member.

It was time for a new dog. And with the best intentions you have opted for foreign dog. A Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Spaniard. Whatever. Just a nice stray dog. A tramp who has found his or her golden basket with you. Even though he does not know that. He does not understand that. Torn from his miserable, but familiar environment. After a bus or flight of hours if not days. Together with other fearful, outcast dogs. So You are well intentioned and receive your dog with so much love and ready to give everything. But such a dog does not change just like that. You can meet but there's more. This coud be a dog that grew up in someone's home and had known love, but unfortunately was abandoned to a shelter. Perhaps it was lucky to be in a good shelter and a good foundation that rescued him. One who immediately feels happy, with whomever is looking after him and gives him food and warmth.

But perhaps you have unfortunately got one of the others. One who is frightened to the bone by the unknown. You pick him up. You make a silent prayer. The foundation has explained to you what you have to pay attention to, you have listened to it, you have said you understand but you have not REALLY understood it, but you do not know how it is. You are not REALLY aware of what it means ... no. For days he sits behind the curtain, flies onto the windowsill looking for that one hole outside, to get away from what keeps him trapped. So sad, you mean so well. Doors have to be locked, windows too otherwise he will know how to open them. You lock him in the car and let him out at home / or at the forest only when he is attached by another line to your body because this is what they have recommended for the first times you take him out. Luckily, because he was standing in front of the car when the door opened.

You go for a walk, he is scared, you were warned about that, but now you can see exactly what they meant. He dashes let, right, bucks, jumps, pulls, jerks, runs around you. You stumble. Fortunately you fall on your ass and not right over over breaking an arm. Luckily it is not too bad. But because of the shock you have let go of the lead. Fortunately in this case you have listened, even though you may not yet have understood it properly. You had an anti-escape device. You had him double-lined. Thank God!!! he is startled but stuck securely to your belly line. And not as happens to so many running loose and escaped only to end up a few km further under a car or a train. Or else weeks of panic. On the run for every man he fears.

No, he is safely behind the curtain again. And slowly you understand what the foundation means by being scared and all that involves. Then after a long time, some things faster than others comes the turnaround. And slowly his behaviour changes. He comes closer. Let himself be petted once. Slowly you learn to know and understand each other. Slowly, a relationship develops based on trust, probably only with you and your family. But that is already a milestone. And you really have something to be proud of. Getting the trust of such a dog that has experienced so much is a heartwarming wonder.

SOURCE: unknown

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