January 14, 2018

How is Yindy doing? (ACE Evelien 12328)

Since last May, Yindy's basket is in the Netherlands and she is doing very well. She is a sweet and gentle lady.

She begins to feel more at home, becomes more relaxed in terms of playing and cuddling. She was already affectionate, but that is actually becoming more and more. In terms of playing she is like a frisky calf, now and then she does not know what to do with her legs . But usually she prefers to be with us or she cuddles with us.

She is gentle with everything here in and around the house.
The latest cat is now her best friend, they often sleep together, the cat prefers Yindy.
She also loves the chickens and guinea pigs, she does not really react to them. She's curious, but she respects them.

She is now at home in the daytime when we are working, which is going well at the moment.
We had to leave her in the bench for a while because she broke some pillows 😊 and had peed in the house a few times. But she no longer does that. We think it is the best for her when she can sit in the house with the other two dogs.

Walking is also a very good thing, we do not dare to let go off the lead, but because we have a long walking line she can still walk and sniff. She is not a fan of rain or snow, but we have made a tailor-made jacket so that she stays warm and dry.

We are very happy with Yindy, we realize how lucky we are with her and her character.
She has adapted so well, we are happy with that!

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