January 05, 2018

Our big boy Siebe had to be put to sleep yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon the vet came here to put our big fellow to sleep.

Siebe came here in August 2016 and was able to enjoy a loving life here with us for another year and 4 months. We can count on one hand how many times he has barked but the movements of his tail were countless !! He was in a lot of pain and when we checked the urine for blood it was determined that he had sugar in it and had to be treated twice a day with the necessary monitoring. This led us to the conclusion that it was better for him that he was allowed to fall asleep. He had reached the age of 11 years and 7 months.

"This was what was with my photo and what my owners fell for:-

"I am Siebe, old and gray ... My new name is Siebe. I am an old gray boy who was dumped in one of the most feared death stations. My body is old, weakened and tired. Surviving at a killing station is not easy, certainly not as an old gray grandfather! My nose hurts, I do not know what it is. I have a huge bump on it. Is it a tumor? Is it something else? I had imagined my old age differently! My life will unfortunately not be long, my expectations are not high. I am easily satisfied. Please, get me out of here? Let me be happy for a while. Just a little longer? An old person who wants to have a chance, somewhere in a warm nest, with a sweet owner, just for a moment ?"

So this became a year and four months!


Photo taken in the shelter.

And this is a photo that was taken of me recently. I look better anyway, do not you think so?

My note: I met Siebe when he had only recently arrived at Ineke's house. And then a year later in September last year. I could hardly believe how well he looked. He was like a different dog. So happy. That's what love does. Thank you Ineke, for your care and love for him.

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