January 13, 2018

Mira is doing very well with us

We were able to pick her up before Christmas. So that was a beautiful Christmas present for all of us.

She already got acquainted with the cats right away, and although Cat Polly completely ignores her, she tries to get closer to Mindy. So she lies on my lap at the same time as Mindy does.
Mira has experienced a lot in her short life and that is noticeable. But curiously enough, she still loves people. Everyone she meets on the moor is interesting and she wants to meet them. This sometimes makes the walks very long 😃 Although she is sometimes a little anxious, she is very interested in everything so she can sniff around with the best of them.

She is still a bit scared when we want to put her on the moor off the lead. But then she does run well on the lead. She keeps a close eye on us and when she gets behind, she comes running after us very fast. The area is completely enclosed so she can not go anywhere. That is also a nice feeling for us. She still has the opportunity to run free and run and romp.

She was also completely clean within 10 days. It was difficult at first because she did not realize that she was allowed to pee on the leash. But she got it pretty quickly and now it's going well.
This coming Sunday, she goes to dog training for the first time. We are curious to see how that will go. Basically she has to learn almost everything. But I have every confidence in her.
We are very happy every day to have her with us. And we hope that she will be with us for a long time.

Alexandra, Samantha and Mira.

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