January 06, 2018

Fabienne's Diary: Rubia needed an operation but they didn't want to pay for it

Rubia was the Mastin of a Spanish couple, ... She was just two when she was involved in an accident on the road where she usually walked. Her owners were not too concerned with the safety of this sweet animal. The people who saw the accident brought her to the nearest clinic and the owner was informed because Rubia had a chip. But when they learned that Rubia needed surgery, they replied that they no longer wanted the dog, because they had no money for that sort of thing. The killing station was going to be called, but fortunately that didn't happen.

Rubia is a sweet, soft bear, with a hurt leg that has now been operated on, in the meantime  a long rehabilitation is needed ... She still does not use her weak leg and hopefully will learn to do that again in the future, but we can not say that yet ... The important thing is that Rubia is saved and is now looking for an owner who will accept her as she is, ... Maybe it will all be fine, but currently Rubia is happy to have been rescued and with the lovely people around her. She can live with cats and with other dogs; she is a really a good soul.

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