January 20, 2018

Perdigon, his owner took him from the clinic and dumped him around the corner....

Just look at that sweet face - how could anyone treat him so horribly!

Perdigon had a home, but nobody paid any attention to him... he could walk on the street, or not ... the owners didn't care. Until one day he was hit by a car on a roundabout and was taken to a killing station. His owner was notified that his dog was waiting in the clinic for some necessary care.... his owner went to the clinic but thought that surgery was not necessary... he didn't want to spend a euro on the dog and so he took him home. The pain, the open wound - they were left untreated, without any care... the clinic just let them go, no money, so no help....

And the next hell was literally around the corner for the defenseless dog, because the owner threw him out of the car around the next corner, his problem was now solved! 

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