January 10, 2018


For years we have been working with the Protectora of Algeciras, under the leadership of Paky.
It is beautiful and heart-warming to see how these volunteers work day and night for the most defenceless - no hour is too much if they can give them a chance, a new start.
No hands enough to help, always willing to give more for whatever dog comes into their midst.

Currently, Paky is under attack, a Facebook fight that has broken out, by people who do not know who Paky is, what Paky does, nor what the people around her do, day and night, for those who are no longer wanted and put outside on the street.

Where are these many people who critically and heartlessly depict a woman as being worthless and incompetent?

Where are all those people when Paky and her volunteers are cleaning up the droppings in the morning, running  to the vet to save a dumped life, where are these people when they are cleaning and feeding and taking care of the animals in the evenings no matter what the wind and weather?

Where are these people? Criticizing is easy from your seat behind your computer, but we know how hard Paky works, how much she gives personally, how much of her life she gives, day in day out, to this thankless task ... together with us !!

For 12 years ACE and Paky's team have been at the forefront in the battle against injustice, every day starting again - the three puppies, the poor unfortunates, the Podencitos nobody looks at, the many puppies that are dumped with us ... all get a chance, however difficult.

We would like to give Paky and her team a gold medal and so much more for the courage, the strength and burden of such a heavy task, every day starting over and over again. And people, you who are criticising and you who question everything, come and walk alongside Paky for a few weeks  then we can decide together whether you know what you are actually talking about.

May we ask for massive support of Paky on the following link,

with as Title:

Paky is not alone in this unjust attack, we support her !!

foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.
foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

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