January 14, 2018

From Fabienne's Diary: Paddy was beaten on the street by his boss, then thrust into the arms of the woman who tried to stop him

Today we received a phone call from a lady who had saved a Podenco Bodeguero cross doggie ... and how! She saw a man hitting a dog with a stick, the dog was screamed but that did not stop him from continuing, he just kept hitting the dog. The woman walked up to him and shouted at him to stop! The creep became so angry with this that he took the defenseless dog by the scruff the neck and pushed it into her hands!

Here you take it bitch, you do something with it! The woman was completely upset because she was leaving home the next day and did not know where to go with the little girl, none of the surrounding rescue centers wanted to help her, because it was "only" a Podenco x Bodeguero. So this came little one in our midst, still completely shocked but luckily saved, ... The dog is currently very upset but is externally not injured, probably she will have bruises and pain, how could it be otherwise if you are brutally beaten. Our veterinarian and employees will now take care of her!

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