January 06, 2018

Fabienne's Diary: The first disposable items of 2018 are in !!

Mother and son were both destined for breeding. However, the mother had serious problems with her first litter and brought a handicapped son into the world! The sellable dogs are of course already sold, but mommy and son, who is barely 6 months but already having problems with  his paws, will not bring in any money anymore, so they are with us.

If you see the little one struggling and sinking through his hind legs, you just get very angry.  Another example of how not to breed. This Bull was of course unsaleable, so young and so innocent, but bred, ... The owner had been to the vet, they wanted to put him to sleep, but then they heard from us.

We have an appointment with a specialist to see what we can do. Hopefully there are people who can help us to give this dog a decent life. We have and intend to continue to dedicate ourselves to those who really do not stand a chance, we make a project out of that. Our Frikandel is in our hearts from today on and,  ust like the many who preceded him and who are going to follow, we try our best to the best for him.


Sweet Mama

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