October 21, 2015

What has happened to the real, beautiful Spain?

The Spain where goats wandered across the road, where you might find wild ponies in your garden, where people were friendly, light hearted and compassionate. Of course it wasn't perfect but people looked after each other and animal cruelty, while it existed, wasn't the epidemic it is today.

Fabienne and her husband Dirk have lived in Spain for over twenty years. They started the Refugio with Ton nearly eighteen years ago. The changes they have seen are distressing - people are suffering from unemployment, evictions, poverty. As a result more and more animals are being dumped and the killing stations are having field day.

Read Fabienne's reflections on this new, not so beautiful country in her diary. It's enlightening. If you have only just visited for a nice holiday in the sun, you may not know the full story of what is really happening in this once wonderful land.

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