October 03, 2015

Spotlight on Paddy

Sweet Smiley Paddy

Paddy - just look at that smiling face. He so deserves his golden basket, he really does as he hasn't had much luck in his life, poor Paddy. He wasn't suited for hunting and so they dumped him. He's a Podenco Maneto, slightly larger than the average for the breed. A nice guy with beautiful eyes and a handsome face.

Paddy gets a bit scared of people if he doesn't know them but that will change with love and patience. He's not used to being treated well and it will take a little while for him to see that people can be lovely and kind.

Our Paddy is social and gets on well with all the other dogs, large and small. He's missing a bit of one of his ears, it was cut off for identification - something they do over here. What a bad start but now this sweet guy deserves to know some real happiness. It will come as a beautiful and welcome surprise to him, to know that he can be respected and loved.

Who wants to rescue this lovely guy, to show him love and patience. Paddy is one of our urgent cases - we think he will be so much happier with his own family and you will never regret it.

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