October 11, 2015

Spotlight on Puppy Pope

The Story of Pope

Back in February, Fabienne received an alarming phone call to tell her that a mother with puppies had been found in an abandoned cave. People gave them food and water but no one could offer them shelter or a home.

The mummy dog has such a lovely character. She even allowed people to look after her seven puppies. She seem to know we only wanted the best for them. None of these little ones looks remotely like her. We'll never know who the fathers are.

The icy wind and the long cold nights must be awful when you're so skinny and malnourished, but she persisted and foraged in all the dustbins she could find in order to survive and look after her children.

With such a brave, gentle soul for a mother, the little puppies already had some luck, even though it was so hard for her. Despite all her hardships, she did everything she could for her babies. Luckily they all came to us. Mama got lots of love and care and a warm basket and nice food and the puppies got fat and healthy.

Pope is one them and now this sweet fellow is ready for a forever home where he will make his new owners very happy. At nine month's old he's the perfect age to assimilate into a family and begin his new life.

Pope as a puppy, saved with his brothers and sisters.

Pope's brave, gentle mama when she was found at the cave.

Little Pope today.

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