October 26, 2015

A whole family dumped in the killing station!

A whole family: three brothers and two sisters, all dumped in a killing station ...Their mother was a beautiful German shepherd and their father a fox terrier. A freak of nature, which could have been prevented. But she wasn't sterilised and then of course she became pregnant and a bunch of very disparate dogs came into the world. Only to be taken to the killing station - the whole family was dumped there.

We were able to save the puppies, but unfortunately not the parents but we hope this will still be possible We are working on it. The five are all very sweet and social puppies. You can see that they have learned to survive and accept. They are quite quickly satisfied and do not demand much of people, just the sort of respect and appreciation they understand.

Innocent and full of life they do not realize how lucky they were. They are friendly dogs with pure delicious and uncomplicated characters.This can be sustained only provided they are placed into good hands, with families who will train and care for them and love them. They have certainly inherited their mama's Shepherd intelligence and the determination of their father. They are good dogs that definitely deserve a chance.

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