October 03, 2015

Spotlight on Levante - a noble, graceful Galgo

Gorgeous, sensitive and longing for a forever home.

The hunter had bred a new pack of Galgos, so the 'old' ones had to go. No matter how well they had served him, no matter wht their fate - like so many others Levante and his brothers and sisters were thrown out. As to old, they were only a few years old.

One of the most noble, sensitive and intelligent of breeds, Galgos are disrepected in Spain. It's a constant source of distress and anger for us, seeing the way these wonderful dogs are treated. Maybe Levante and his brothers and sisters were lucky to be thrown out without too much injury. Others are not so lucky - being hung, burnt, physically abused, chucked out of moving cars.

We don't know a lot about Levante's early life but since he belonged to a hunter we can guess. In the video you can see how frightened he was when he first arrived but also how beautiful. He is growing in confidence thanks to loving care at the Refugio and the love of his foster parents in Belgium. This exceptionally handsome dog will return your love in spades.

Although many people think that such a dog will need lots of exercise, the opposite is true. Galgo's (like their fellow Greyhounds in England) certainly need a good walk or run, but once they are back at home they are real couch potatoes. They love lounging on a soft bed or sofa and they are brilliant with children. Who will give him a soft bed, delicious food and lots of love? This sweet boy is already five and we think he really deserves a stroke of luck.

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