October 26, 2015

Paco Rebarber

In Dutch, Rabarber means Rhubarb. Our darling little Paco Rhubarb is in care in Belgium but urgently needs a boss who can guide him further.

In 2013, Paco and his sisters, Nina Rici, Dolce Cabana, Dona Karin and Fendi were abandoned at our gate, all crammed into a tiny cat's cage. They were immediately placed with one of our great foster mums but Paco was so thin and weak he was given special care by some of our staff. So they all had a really great start. Paco has become a beautiful, strong and dog who is already trained.

Due to circumstances outside anyones control, this dear fellow is looking for a new home where he can be happy and live to a ripe old age. Paco went to lessons at the obedience school and really enjoyed them. His training shows. He knows commands: close follow, sit, lie down, stay, walk and sit and stay.

His greatest asset is that he is a real people dog and is desperate for a boss who will do fun things with him. He will want his future boss to guide him and in return he will give you infinite friendship and respect. He is a true terrier and this clown will rapidly win your heart. He wants a boss he can look up to. 

In his last family Paco lived with a large quiet bitch. It's therefore best if he's only placed in a similar situation or with a quiet dog. Outside he is a happy dog ​​who enjoys the freedom of the outdoors, at home he is very quiet. Who will offer Paco a wonderful home and promise to be faithful to him, as he will to his new family? Here's a beautiful movie of Paco, the text is in Dutch but the pictures tell the story. 

Paco loves his spaghetti!

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