October 31, 2015

Update: Roos

Sweet Roos

Roos (formerly Rosa), has now been with us for over a year. In the beginning she really needed to get used to us. And we to her, of course. We already had a very sweet and relaxed labrador but Roos quickly became anxious, barked a lot and walked nervously through the house. 

Because we wanted to give her the best possible attention, with the help of Joe, an behavioralist, we have quickly helped her come out of her shell. Roos is still very sweet course but has found her place. 

She came from a foster home where she had a blast, with a few other dogs and only a foster'mama. With us there was also a husband, children and a dog. Which is difficult when you're afraid of men and a lot of strange people!

She soon came on by leaps and bounds and now loves nothing more than to run and sniff in the woods or meadows, but she also loves to be on your lap! She's a real cuddle bunny!

She now challenges us to play with her, she pulls our Labrador's ears and she bites his legs gently  to challenge him to play, so cute!

In other words, its all going very well with Roos. We are very pleased that we have taken her into our family and we're crazy about her! 


Nancy Bouman-Hulshof

Roos and her brother. 

By the fire

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