August 21, 2021

Tula is doing very well.

 Friday, August 20, 2021

Actually she rocks, though we are still making progress in all areas. She feels completely safe at home and now understands very well what is expected of her. She still wants to be cuddled more, haha. I thought we were at the max when it comes to cuddling, but her affection continues to grow. It is also getting better outdoors. She walks better on a lead and when passing other dogs she's also improving. With a few exceptions, she listens more and more to indications in that area and does not bark. I now also know more ways to respond , which is of course also very helpful for these situations. I hope to encounter these as little as possible for the time being.

 She is a real digger and stands her ground when she can run free in fenced areas. Letting her run free in unfenced areas still gives me a bit too much stress so we won't do that for a while. I think I can call her a feisty aunt because she doesn't shy away from any dog. Not even for a Saint Bernard. Last week I had 2 very small incidents with her when it seemed as if she wanted to play with another dog. Up until then, she didn't care. So I expect that there will also be a lot of progress in the coming period.

I've been to the vet a few times. Madame is rather accident prone. The first time she had ingested something poisonous and had to be put on an IV and the next time a nail had flipped over and had to be removed. Last week she slipped her leg between 2 beams of a bridge. She squeaked it out. Fortunately they were only minor wounds and I was able to take care of it myself.

I am very happy with her and also have the feeling that Tula is a very happy dog. She is really sweet, cheerful, playful and social. She also likes to go to her dog sitter and she goes there without any problems with the other dog.

I am very curious how we will look together in a few months. I am confident that our bond can only get stronger! Fancy!


Anke and Tula


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