August 28, 2021

In Memoriam Fedra

 Thursday 26 August 2021

Our dear Fedra is no longer here.

This morning the day has come, that our dear Fedra has fallen asleep at home, so sad!

We were hesitant for days, but made the decision on Monday August 23 and made an appointment with the vet.

Our Fedra, what a super sweet, cheerful, social pawn she was.

A real hunter, yes, but very important she loved our grandchildren, she was always there when she got the chance.

We will all miss her terribly πŸ˜₯ but luckily she had another 7 wonderful years with us, together with dog Risa.

She went everywhere with us: holidays to France, overnight stays in a hotel, you name it,,, she adapted well.

Ever been a stray dog..... that stayed in, she picked everything that was loose and stuck 🀣

2 years ago she became very ill, and turned out to have leismania.

She recovered, but after our holiday in July this year we found that she was not doing well again.

Unfortunately blood values, the liver and her kidneys stopped working properly.

Then you have to let go, even if it causes a lot of grief.

She was 8 years old when she came to us, adopted 27-06-2014.  Passed away  26-08.2021 

She turned 15, we would have allowed her longer, but unfortunately ..

We would do it again in a heartbeat.

I promised that we will soon adopt a new hopeless dog.

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