August 11, 2021

Diary of Fabienne - World Cat Day today!

 Sunday 8 August 2021

Today was World Cat Day and I would like to bring our spinners to your attention. All are kittens that were dumped, neglected, simply forgotten by their original owners.They come through our gate, each with their own story , and once they come through this gate, there is hope. For each of them there is hope, even those who have been forgotten by others.

Many people are sometimes amazed, they wonder why our kittens are so sweet? We owe this to our foster families here who do their best for them, who spend many hours feeding bottle kittens, in educating them, cuddling a lot and above all living with them in their daily life. Others grow up in our small cattery, and here too our people are passionate about loving care.

Kittens always go fast, but the adult females often become long-sitters which is such a shame, because they are just so sweet, good spinners. Give one of them a chance. Don't buy a cat, but adopt one. It's so worth it, you can rely on that. And above all, they deserve it so.

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