August 15, 2021

Fabienne's Diary - Rebeca, the ratter!

 Thursday 12 August 2021

Rebeca was rescued from the killing station after being plucked from the street in a neglected state. She must have belonged to a hunter, because she is a Podenco in heart and soul, and has already earned her stripes in Algeciras by catching rats, she is very passionate about that. She would be best settled somewhere on a large farm or somewhere she can walk and run, where they take this lady with a very sweet, but active character to their heart.

She is a managerial figure, is very social but she is the boss, she obeys well and likes to be around you. Rebeca has beautiful Dumbo ears and they usually listen well, but she can also be selectively deaf. She has a nice personality, but needs owners who know and appreciate the breed. She is not a dog for a small residence or an apartment, she can thrive on a farm or riding school, somewhere where she can make herself useful, we think she belongs there the best!

For more information about our sweet Rebeca, please click on her name.

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