August 20, 2021

In Memoriam Guito

 Thursday, August 19, 2021

In March 2015 I was lucky enough to adopt Guito (nr 7735).

He has fully recovered here and hope he was as happy with me as I was with him. He was my best friend.

Unfortunately, on July 30, he suddenly started to stand unstable on his legs and he indicated that he was in pain (very fast breathing). I went to the vet with him. There they took an ultrasound and X-Rays but did not immediately find anything. He then received an injection against the pain and I had to give him further pain medication and anti-inflammatory and observe this for 3 days.

On 2/8 it suddenly went fast. Suddenly he could no longer stand on his hind legs (paralysed) and even more pain. I even called the vet at night for advice. At 7 o'clock in the morning the vet was already present who suspected a serious hernia.

Got another shot. This time with cortisones.

He started to feel a little better. Unfortunately, he bit me in the afternoon (in my face) so I had to go to the emergency room for the necessary stitches.

At that moment my daughter took over the care of Guito because I did not want to leave him alone.

PS: I don't blame him for the bite. An animal in pain is unpredictable.

Because it was not easy to care for a paralyzed dog of 33 kg, in pain, she asked (after consultation with me) the veterinary clinic if they could take over the care for a while. They know him there and everyone thought he was such a sweetheart.

They had to anesthetise him to let him rest.

The next day there was already blood in the urine and in consultation (me, my daughter and the vets) we had to decide to let him go in peace.

We had him put to sleep on 3/8.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

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