August 18, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Tinka, the dog of a mother and her daughter,...

 Monday 16 August 2021

Tinka was brought in by a mommy and her daughter. Their grandmother had become very ill and with that the time for Tinka was up. She came in in the arms of the little girl, who clearly loved her, mom was also standing there crying. Tinka herself was completely panicked. The poor dog never thought she would end up in a shelter.

The first days Tinka was unmanageable. She was completely lost, no one could comfort her. When one of our people took her to heart, things got a lot better after a while. She needs time, once she knows you you can do everything with Tinka, but at her pace and giving her space. Once she knows that things are going well, she lies on her back and gives all the love she can give. We have the impression that Tinka's world consisted of Grandma, Mama and Little Daughter, because Tinka is afraid of men, but that is now being worked on.

Tinka is a dog that is very affectionate and loyal, and gives her heart to you full of friendship.  Only she needs a little time and you have to be willing to give that time.

For more information about poor, loyal Tinka, please click on her name.

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