July 28, 2020

Fabienne's diary: A lifetime on a chain ...

Monday, July 27, 2020

                         CHOCOLATE                                                      OREO

These two defenseless dogs lived tied to a chain. They could barely move, and were completely left to their own devices, occasionally receiving some stale bread and old grains , these were their daily food. So they lived day after day, hoping that food would come.

Both were taken in as puppies, but once a little older they were banished to a chain somewhere behind a dirty shed - first one and then the other. They were lucky that a female nearby could no longer bear to see this and asked for our help, and so they came to us.

Oreo, the little Yorky cross, and Chocolate, the sweet Podenco, are both friendly, affectionate and above all grateful dogs. It's extraordinary how sweet and friendly they both are, despite the hell they went through together. Both must find happiness and be scandalously spoiled, we are all going to put our shoulders to it.

Little Oreo does his tail overtime, he's such a happy dog, and our reserved Podenco longs for a Podenco lover who knowsa what and how they are.

For more information about Oreo and Chocolate please click on their names.

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