February 08, 2020

Yvanovich: first good luck, then bad luck ...

From Fabienne's Diary:  Saturday, February 8, 2020

A beautiful Belgian Shepherd puppy was bought by a Moroccan family because at that time they were looking for a strong guard dog. For the first months he was well cared for and he received a good education, but far too strict for this specific puppy. He was frightened by his owner, who in turn became increasingly strict with him. When the owner was away from home, the children and his wife took their darling to their hearts. They loved Yvanovich and he loved them. Their friendship was beautiful and sincere.

One day they came home and father was just finalizing the last details of the sale of Yvanovich. He was selling him to a man who would further train him to be a guard dog, and he would come and pick him up in a few weeks time. The children and the woman were heartbroken. When the owner went away again for a few days, the woman decided to take Yvanovich to a dog hotel in order to save him from a sad life. The father was furious, but because the whole family was behind this decision and determined to give their darling a better life, he couldn't do much about it. This is how this sweet, affectionate dog ended up with us.

We now wish to find a family for Yvanovich. A family who can give him a good and homely life, who will love him and make him happy.  Not as a watchdog, not that, but he is a working dog and wants to work with his future owner work, but in harmony and with mutual respect. Filling their days together with long walks and then nice cuddles on the couch.

For more information about Ivanovich, please click on his name.

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