February 22, 2020

Cantarina: funny and loving. Again we ask, why is she still with us?

Mama Cantante was dumped with her still very young pups in front of the the door of our Isabelleke, a Spanish foster mum. Isabelleke took them under her wings and cared for them lovingly with much dedication and effort. As a result they became happy, healthy, very social and moreover beautiful puppies. 

Cantarina, is one of them. A very funny and human focused dog who approaches you spontaneously to get and give hugs and friendship, a nice little one. And once more, a dog who surely should have a forever home by now. She's five and in foster care in the Netherlands. Who will give this social, happy, affectionate dog a family of her own?

For more information about Cantarina, please click on her name.

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