February 18, 2020

Chelsea: having a wonderful life in the UK with her amazing adopters.

Over five years ago I made the home visit in the UK for a puppy called Moussa,  now Chelsea. She was an ACE puppy, borrowed from us for the training course. Her adopters worked with her and there was no question, it was love at first sight. And if ever a puppy has fallen on all four paws, it is Chelsea. Gemma and Jamie are dog trainers and the kindest most loving people you could imagine. She now has a wonderful family and had three dog siblings - Frankie, Cookie and Halle. Sadly Frankie died very recently. Leaving a terrible hole in the family as he meant so much to them all, especially Jamie whom he saved at a very dark time in his life. Jamie has written below about Chelsea and what she means to him. This is one of our wonderful 'happy endings.'

Here is Jamie's post on Facebook for Valentine's Day. Below the post are some photos of Chelsea's man trailing session, the other week.

My Beautiful πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Rescue Pup from Spain Over 5 years ago we rescued this Sweetheart , Frankie let her get away with everything no other dog could ! 
They had such a special bond πŸ’™❤️, but her being that SPECIAL ! I don’t think she even realises hes gone. 
But she is just BEAUTIFUL! 
We absolutely adore her.. πŸ₯°
If your thinking about a dog ?
check out rescue centres here in UK & Abroad... you never know what Gem you may find ! πŸ’Ž 

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