February 09, 2020

Cuteness Overload!!!

For many years we took care of the cats in the hills above the Dog Hotel, which is itself above our Refugio. We still do.  It is quite a sight to see the hills come alive as dozens of cats stream down to the Dog Hotel for their morning and evening meals. Where we can do it without upsetting them too much, we trap as many as possible, castrate or sterilise them and return them to their wild homes. Thus preventing the misery of hundreds of unwanted kittens.

For a while now we have also been rescuing cats that are suitable for adoption. Some are just kittens - indeed some come to us so tiny that we have to act as mother and bottle feed them in those first precarious weeks.  Others are a bit older and from time to we have an older cat for adoption as well.

Here are just a few - more to follow in subsequent posts. Lemmy, Donut and Tot are one year and nine months old. Florentina and Boris are two. And Nila is two years and seven months old. Each has their own special character and they are all looking for someone to love who will love them.
Please click on their names below the photos for more photos and more information.

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