February 01, 2020

Teddy Edward is ten years old today ...

Teddy has been in England with me for 15 months. He is such a good little dog. Today for his birthday we were able to go for a long walk by the canal, the first decent walk we've had for weeks. 

The rain has been so bad here for months that the fields are saturated and soggy and make walking very difficult. Especially for Teddy with his three legs, though he manages very well most of the time. 

But today it didn't rain, it hasn't rained too much for a week, so the canal bank was muddy but feasible and the sun was shining. His passport says he's 10 today though Fabienne now thinks he may be a bit younger, so maybe he is 8 or 9. 

Teddy didn't like his hat so it was hard to take a good picture ...

... he kept tipping his head back so it fell off ...

so I had to take some when he was asleep, or pretending to be!!! 

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