February 01, 2020

1st February: World Galgo Day

1 February World Galgo day ...

Galgos need our help throughout the year, but on February 1 extra attention is asked for their fate, because the hunting season ends then. This is the moment when many Galgos face an even more cruel fate than the already heavy life they have.been living. When they are no longer of use, they end in a horrible way ... thousands of them are hung on trees at the end of the hunt, thrown into wells, beaten to death or worse.

Because they cannot stand up for them themselves, we must do this for them. Please help us help the person without a voice!

For more information about Zula, please click on her name. Lyla has now been adopted. 

For more information about Nashwa, please click on her name.

For more information about Aditi, please click on her name

For more information about Larita, please click on her name.

For more information about Lia please click on her name.
Please note that the link works but if you put the name in manually Lía has an accent over the i.

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