February 08, 2020

Waldo: not little, not big but scared and needing someone special ...

Waldo is not a very big dog, he won't fit in your handbag but on the other hand he only weighs ten kilos so no way could he be called massive. Just an ordinary, middling sized doggie. As often happens, he was one of those still waiting behind from his litter of six siblings. Why?

Probably because, like his brother Wodan, he was scared. He would run away when he saw strange people and doesn't trust easily. He's been with us now for two years and really deserves a chance. He's not a beginner's dog but just needs someone with patience and the time to give him. That's all it takes, that one person who wants to understand, love and help him. It seems so unfair that, because he's sensitive and therefore frightened, that he shouldn't get the best chance of happiness.

There's more information about  Waldo - just click on his name. And if you want an up to date assessment about he's doing please get in touch with us at www.ace-charity.org/en/where you'll find the relevant contact details.

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