November 24, 2019

Flippy - one of our golden oldies


Flippy is a Bodeguero - we call them the smiley dogs!

Dear little Flippy was given away by his owner, a hunter, who didn't want him any more. Thus he came to live in foster care with our wonderful foster mama, Isabelleke. That was four years ago and we think it's really time for him to have a wonderful, loving family where he will be a family dog rather than one of a pack. Isabelleke loves her foster dogs and they love her but there's no substitute for a forever home.

Flippy is one of our golden oldies - he's nine and a half not young but not all that old and with plenty of love and friendship to give. He's very social with other dogs but is sometimes overwhelmed by the larger pack and then he can get a bit jealous. He's better with a couple of the dogs he especially likes. Flippy is a typical Bodeguero- a happy, cheerful little dog who loves people and hugs and adores snuggling up against you. We hope there is someone out there who will help this dear character enjoy the rest of his sweet life. 

To find out more about Flippy, please click on his name.

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