November 24, 2019

Two brothers and a sister - one has already been lucky ...

                                Domilon                                                            Comilon

Domilon, Comilon and Barby are two brothers and and a sister from a litter found in the outskirts of Malaga.  Abandoned and left to their own devices though they were very small puppies. At first they were cared for in a foster family but they are now with us. They are soft, somewhat timid dogs, very social and very sweet with you once they get to know you. They are developing well and are very sweet dogs that are still small and can learn a lot. Excellent  !!

Barby already found a nice home, but her brothers Dormilon and Comilon are still waiting in our shelter. Two sweet young puppies with a lot of devotion to give. Will you give them a chance?

For information about Dormilon, click here

For information about Comilon, click here 

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